The Intensity of the Miller’s Tale.

Brooklyn Bridge dominates the whole borough, physically and in other ways. Its bulk sends shadows over tenements and waterfront alike; it’s the path of escape to the lights of Manhattan and the wider world – and it bestrides the waterways that bring the world to America, and strangers to Brooklyn. It’s apposite then that ArthurContinue reading “The Intensity of the Miller’s Tale.”

Sorry to Part, Happy to Meet

It’s not surprising that it can be a struggle to find the words to describe a perfect concert experience: if words could do the job, then music would be redundant. However, being transported with joy when listening to a band, or orchestra, involves more than merely the order of the notes and how well theyContinue reading “Sorry to Part, Happy to Meet”

To each and everyone

I suppose everyone who loves music will claim that it has been the soundtrack to their lives, as The Divine Comedy memorably suggested in ‘Our Mutual Friend’. My generation, of course, maybe like every generation, claim that popular music has been much more than just a soundtrack for us. Our bands, for better or worse,Continue reading “To each and everyone”

Don’t hold your breath

Two pieces of news today energised my blogging head: strikes are imminent at the Herald newspaper, and the Scots based online opinion site Bellacaledonia announced out of the blue that it was ceasing to operate. Suddenly, the chilly winds of the nascent new year blew that bit colder. I confess to being a bit ofContinue reading “Don’t hold your breath”