The cause endures

Well. I’ve been in the SNP for 40 years.

I’ve been kicked out for being a leftie, and invited back in for being a leftie. I’ve been branch and constituency secretary, the guy who screen printed the posters, and the mug who hollered through the mike in the loudspeaker car. I’ve stuffed envelopes and folded leaflets; I’ve climbed 20 storeys of high rise flats and been chased across gardens by big dugs; I’ve been up lamposts, over walls, and under fences. I’ve had sulks when I disagreed with party policy and even flounced off in the huff a couple of times. I’ve canvassed cities, towns and villages, been called a Papist, a Hun, a fascist, and a commie; accused of being an English ba**ard and a Jock whinger, a traitor to the working class and a Marxist agitator.

I’ve seen us just save our deposit and seen us hurtle to fantastic victories. I’ve known wonderful, caring, intelligent and visionary folk who gave their all so that Scots people could have their own country back.

I’ve laughed, wept, cursed, ached and sung. I’ve known hope and despair, strength and fatigue. I’ve wondered at the mindset of opponents and disregarded their sneers, I’ve sought to respect all and listen to information; I’ve looked to consensus, agreement, and people before party.

I’ve worked to end the international isolation of Scotland and give it a voice in the world – so it can operate as a country rather than 8% of a State.

However, I’ve never been as proud of the Scottish National Party as I am today. Alex’s going, the consideration of his achievements, is emotional, but even more powerful is the line up of politicians, especially the new generation, who are head and shoulders above any other party’s representatives in Scotland today.
Bring it on!


Published by seánmcp

Former deputy headteacher; Edinburgh born Leitrim man; family man; writer, photographer and sports fan: cricket, football, GAA, athletics. Education & Welfare Officer at Hibernian FC; follow Hibs, Southport FC, Leitrim GAA, Dunedin Connollys GAA, Drumkeerin GAA, Cricket Scotland and Scottish Wildcats.

2 thoughts on “The cause endures

  1. Sean,
    by birth and upbringing I am an Ulster Unionist though I have lived on Englands South coast for the last 37 years. Perhaps unbelievably I found myself a rabid advocate of Scottish Independence. My wife is from Greenock and like many families in Scotland her family were split by the vote.

    The one thing that came out of the vote was that Wee Eck rose in many peoples estimation. He fought a clean battle against the combined forces of the Westminster establishment and the anti independence media. I am still saddened by the No vote and believe it is a decision Scots will regret in the medium to long term.

    You might be interested in checking out my blog on why I supported independence

    I hope that the Scottish experience will have a positive effect on UK politics in the coming years. As you say – “Don’t let go of hope” 🙂

    1. Thanks for that Alan – it matches the views of a lot of English pals and family I have – where folk listen to the arguments they are generally understanding of the reasoning behind the cause if not actually supportive. As you say, the political engagement here is a beacon for hope and possibility. Thanks again – and I’ll certainly check your blog.

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