Porty Town Hall, Me, and Ewan MacColl.

As is the case with people, there are some places and buildings which seem influential in our lives without necessarily being front and centre in our day to day experiences. For me, this applies to the Town Hall in Portobello – Edinburgh’s seaside resort. It’s the third Portobello Town Hall, and, interestingly, was built inContinue reading “Porty Town Hall, Me, and Ewan MacColl.”

As others see us.

THE PEOPLE’S REFERENDUM:Why Scotland will never be the same again. Peter Geoghegan. Luath Press Although he wears them lightly, Peter Geoghegan’s origins in the Irish Midlands, give him great perspective and detachment when reviewing Scotland’s Independence Referendum campaigns. An upbringing in Co Longford tends to equate with a long distance view of national politics happeningContinue reading “As others see us.”

Waving to the world

We stood, in sleet and biting wind, for two minutes of silence, with pens and pencils held aloft. We had heard read out the names of seventeen victims of last week’s horror in France. Ahead of us, the huge Edinburgh New Town windows of the Consulat Général de France and the neighbouring l’Institut Français d’Ecosse,Continue reading “Waving to the world”

Echoes in Grafton Street

There are many echoes in Dublin’s Grafton Street, particularly at night, when the footfall is lower, and the wind makes its way from St Stephen’s Green down to Trinity, picking up the day’s detritus and rearranging its importance. Of course, this is partly a consequence of the street’s architecture and geography – it is long,Continue reading “Echoes in Grafton Street”