Feeling the way through the dark

When I was growing up, the “Blitz” in Liverpool was well known to me – which is odd, because I was born in Edinburgh, some 200 miles to the north, in 1952 – ten years after the last bombs fell. However, my mother was born and brought up in Albany Rd, Kensington, a residential areaContinue reading “Feeling the way through the dark”

Two meetings, 40 years, and a journey of hope.

This is the tale of two meetings – and what happened in between them. It is October 1974 and I am sitting at a shoogly table in the back room of what was once a plumber’s shop on the Southside of Edinburgh.. When I look round the table, this is what I see: an oldContinue reading “Two meetings, 40 years, and a journey of hope.”