What a difference a day makes?

Today was intended to be Scottish Independence Day – though I have to confess, it was a tight timetable, given the negotiations independence would have entailed. I feel sorry that 55% of the population felt unable to take a leap of faith in their country, and sad that many obviously voted out of self interest.Continue reading “What a difference a day makes?”

How are things at home, Casper?

I must have been teaching for around thirty years when a colleague brought me news that a former pupil of mine was now on the staff at a local primary school. He had been a smashing pupil and I could well imagine he would have become an excellent teacher. My colleague reported back: “He saidContinue reading “How are things at home, Casper?”

How do you take your tea?

The opening scene of the current series of “Happy Valley”, brainchild of talented, challenging, and creative Sally Wainwright: Two women sit on garden chairs having a drink and chatting. The sun is shining and they could be on holiday. It’s only when the camera draws back that we realise that they are in the backContinue reading “How do you take your tea?”