From city to coast 1

This is the first of three “Letters from France”, based on a short stay in June 2017. We fly into Paris across the  flat green  fields of northern France. Under a blue sky, with wisps of  cloud, they stretch on and on for miles. Ten minutes has us across them, it took armies fatal months  to cover theContinue reading “From city to coast 1”

Owen arrives at Dottyville

One hundred years ago today, three years into the Great War, a diffident young Second Lieutenant stepped off the overnight sleeper at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station and emerged on to Princes St. He  had only sixteen months left to live of his short life, but what he achieved in that time would bring him fame, andContinue reading “Owen arrives at Dottyville”

If it’s broke – fix it.

I have scarcely blogged politically since the Independence Referendum because, to be honest, I don’t much like the online atmosphere. This isn’t really to do with the ad hominem attacks from people who think name calling proves a political point – all areas of  life have  individuals seeking attention through poor behaviour. It is ratherContinue reading “If it’s broke – fix it.”