Two documentaries – a life apart.

On Tuesday July 18th 1967, as a fifteen year old,  excited at the start of school summer holidays, I sat down to watch a BBC documentary on Dickie Rock, lead singer with Dublin’s Miami Showband. I had a special interest in this film because  the year before, on my first “teenage holiday”  to Ireland, IContinue reading “Two documentaries – a life apart.”

Things Fall Apart: British self delusion, Yeats and Chinua Achebe

Born 5 days before the death of George V1 you could say my life coincides more or less exactly with what was originally hailed as “the new Elizabethan Age” And right there is an indication of the endemic self delusion from which “Great Britain” has suffered throughout my life time. This is not an attack,Continue reading “Things Fall Apart: British self delusion, Yeats and Chinua Achebe”