Goodbye Mr McKenzie – and thank you!

In nearly forty years as a teacher, I was fortunate enough to work with many colleagues who inspired, motivated, and encouraged me, and, unwittingly or otherwise, guided the direction my career would take. I was also blessed with many pupils who, for various reasons, were similarly inspiring. In addition, there were  folk outside of schoolContinue reading “Goodbye Mr McKenzie – and thank you!”

Fit for Life

  Through Hibernian’s Community links with Lothian Health Board, and various other GameChanger initiatives, the idea of being “fit for life” has become a prominent part of the Club’s progressive development over the past couple of years. Whilst health checks for spectators are now a common event at Easter Rd Stadium, through the partnership withContinue reading “Fit for Life”

Putting a name on it

Hello! My name is Seán – and I was a “named person” for nearly forty years. It shouldn’t feel like it, but some of the ill-informed reaction to the Scottish Government’s proposal for a “named person” to safeguard young people seems to suggest that anyone favouring the idea should admit to that position only apologetically.Continue reading “Putting a name on it”

How are things at home, Casper?

I must have been teaching for around thirty years when a colleague brought me news that a former pupil of mine was now on the staff at a local primary school. He had been a smashing pupil and I could well imagine he would have become an excellent teacher. My colleague reported back: “He saidContinue reading “How are things at home, Casper?”

Mockingbirds and Rhododendrons

It was perfect. I was six years old and had just moved to England. Next to our house, in rural Lancashire, was a wood, known as Bank Lane. “Bank” referred not to a financial institution but to the banks of the brook that ran through it. I see from maps that the brook was calledContinue reading “Mockingbirds and Rhododendrons”

On Libraries – and books

If this blog rings a bell – please consider giving £10 gets a book for a child at Christmas and £5 to Children 1st In 1959, when I was 7, I moved to Southport, in Lancashire, and stayed in the suburb of Birkdale. At the end of our road there was an imposing VictorianContinue reading “On Libraries – and books”

Really cared, really made a difference.

In the mid 1970s. teaching interviews in Edinburgh were held in the former Children’s Orphanage known as Dean Centre (Now the Modern Art Gallery). It was a bizarre, almost unfinished building in its interior, with lots of exposed pipes and wires and echoing staircases and basements. The windows were high, allegedly so the original inmatesContinue reading “Really cared, really made a difference.”