In estate of confusion

The link to County Leitrim’s local paper – The Leitrim Observer – stated: Abandoned estates haunt the county. It immediately set me thinking of times gone by. In the Plantation, even the remotest southern Ulster counties – Monaghan and Cavan, as well as the Connacht neighbours of Leitrim, Sligo and Roscommon, ‘benefited’ from the establishmentContinue reading “In estate of confusion”

Is Saturday night alright?

It used to be de rigeur, back in the sixties, for the Justiciary to show their independence by displaying ignorance, real or assumed, of anything remotely connected to popular culture. ‘What’s that?’ they would murmur looking dimly through the space between their wigs and their half moon glasses. Playing the game, the sparky young advocateContinue reading “Is Saturday night alright?”

There’s a shoe in the garden….

There’s a shoe in the garden. It’s a child’s shoe, in quite good condition, and we’ve no idea where it came from. It’s been there since mid December, so, with every coming and going of the Christmas and New Year snows, it has been covered up and reappeared like some kind of avant garde pieceContinue reading “There’s a shoe in the garden….”