Not just men

Last week, still emotional from watching the excellent NTS Production of Ena Lamont Stewart’s ‘Men Should Weep’, I tweeted in praise: “A thousand thoughts launched on a sea of memories”. A bit flowery, perhaps (Undoubtedly, Ed), but nevertheless an accurate reflection of how I felt after the performance. The original revival of this unjustly ignoredContinue reading “Not just men”

Goodbye Dolly, hello mediocrity

Ironically, I can never remember the word ‘iconic’ being used contemporaneously in reference to cricketer Basil D’Oliveira, who has died, aged 80, in South Africa. In today’s media climate, the word would almost be his nickname. In simple terms, Dolly, as he was universally known, was an excellent and hard working mixed race cricketer. TheContinue reading “Goodbye Dolly, hello mediocrity”