Good byes, Good pies!

Around twenty years ago, we first visited Cape Cod in Massachusetts. With its beaches and history, it is a prime place for a family holiday, especially if relaxation is high on your agenda. On our first visit we stayed in the charming town of Falmouth, but when we returned two years later, we chose theContinue reading “Good byes, Good pies!”


The cricket ground at Arboretum Road has seen many notable Sunday fixtures over the decades, including a double century from future Aussie captain, Kim Hughes, when playing for Greyhounds against Holy Cross, but seldom has a game been as stirring as Sunday’s memorial game for Holy Cross stalwart, Colin McGill, who died last year afterContinue reading “A SADLY SMOKE FREE ZONE”

Dreams destroyed, memories mangled

I rarely write television reviews, though as a teacher of English, I theoretically have the ability. However, as Clive James demonstrated so long ago in the Observer, and as Aidan Smith shows in his contemporary pieces in The Scotsman, there is a particular skill to deconstructing a television programme while writing about it in anContinue reading “Dreams destroyed, memories mangled”

Reflecting and Reviewing

Edinburgh’s Mount Vernon Cemetery lies high above the  south east of the capital, with views to Arthur’s Seat and beyond. My dad having died when I was five, it’s a place I have visited regularly for most of my life. Both parents and  my grandparents are there, uncles, and even my great grandmother who followedContinue reading “Reflecting and Reviewing”